Monday, March 21, 2011

March outing

Hey Laars, let's take this train.
Yeah, it's a good one. I want this front seat here.
Um, I'm not sure you're allowed. I think we have to sit inside the train.
Look! The castle in Montluçon is guarded by gargoyles.
They're pretty cool.

Hey! It's got me! Lemme go!

This traveling by dino-taxi looks fun.
Yes, but it isn't very fast. I told it to take us to the nearest pizza, and we're still here.
Maybe there isn't any pizza in Gannat.
There's always pizza. Trust me. I know pizza.
Ohhhh, that's why. It's only a model.

The sign says No Bathing, hmm? Right. I don't think anybody will be bathing here any time soon. Not until they put some water in.

Had enough adventure yet?

Never! But I am coming over all peckish. Let's go get some dinner.

Yeah, let's go.

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Titus said...

Cool gargolyle! And it's one of the words on our sponsored spelling challenge. This is an educational blog!