Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Extra dessert

Look at that! Extra desserts left over from the picnic.
Let's eat!
Not so fast. You rats have to help clean up first.
Clean up?
Do you think he means it?
Darned rabbit. We may as well get it over with.
Dibs on the chocolate one!
I'll race you for it.
My, this grill is really dirty.
Nothing I can't handle!
Are you sure, Laars?
That's all of the dishes.
All put away nice and neat.
I wonder how Laars is doing with the grill?
Aack! A rat!
A strange rat!
Guys! Maurice! It's me, Laars.
That's not Laars. It's all black.
Really, it's me!
You need to be washed, Laars.
I don't want to go! No!
It's for your own good.
We can't let you in the house covered with soot.

Is Laars done washing?
Yes. Britta and Astrid put him out to dry.
I think they might have used a bit too much bleach.
Hey! Lemme down!
I'm dry!
aw c'mon, guys, lemme down.


Ann said...

Separate issue, I don't like Rats.

I wanted to say, I thought of you when I watch the news of the mum who killed her babies in France. I wonder why she didn't go to another doctor to get contraceptives.

Ann said...

Just to explain about my fear of rats. did I tell you before? stamps from my history lessons of the London plague. I will tell you more anecdote if I haven't told you. But I can't remember if I told you, so let me know. My Husband thinks I am irrational to be afraid of a little mouse.

NanU said...

It's not irrational to hate rats, Ann. They carry disease, and it's a good idea to get rid of any that live where people live. Fear of rats, spider, and snakes is hardwired into humans - it's just a question of how strong the instinct is. I'd love to hear your story.

These rats, however, are cute plush toys. Really, they're adorable. Trust me!

This weekend if I get my hands on some liquid nitrogen we're going to try and shatter one, or at least break its tail in half. Maybe next weekend if I need help drawing the N2 from the big tank.

I don't think anyone can explain that mom and her babies. Even less her husband never noticed she was pregnant. Eight times. How did she hide labor?? I think the fact she kept them, though, shows some human attachment and remorse. I'd rather believe that than just think she did a bad job hiding the evidence.

gégé said...

génial j'adore.

steven said...

nanu - superb!!!! i can recall washing my daughter's own pink rabbit many times and when she was quite young she'd cry unless i put him (now a her) in when the washe was filled and she could see his head was above the water before i closed the lid!! i can't wait for her to get up and see this!! steven