Monday, March 15, 2010


What's up? been looking all over for you.
We wanted to watch the France-Italy match.
Don't worry - I taped it.
I spent the day exploring Neussargues!
Noose arts?
Neussargues. It's a nice little town. We took a train and had a sandwich and went hiking.
Sounds like a lot of work.
Except for the sandwich part.

Did you save us any?

No, we ate it all. Hiking is good exercise.
We went up and down hills and across fields and all over.
If you want to walk around in the mud, just go in the back yard.
Save yourself some trouble.
But we saw a castle!
Up close?
Were there dungeons?
Was there jousting?
Were they torturing anyone?
Noooo, we only saw it from a long way away. It was kind of a ruin.
Well. Shoulda stayed in the yard.
You rats have no sense of adventure!
Got any more pretzels?


Barry said...

I'm glad pink rabbits have an sense of adventure though!

Be a dull old world without them. Or, at least, him.

steven said...

what a brave and curious bunny!! what hungry rats! steven