Monday, September 30, 2013

potato time

I'm making potato pancakes.
Mashed potatos for me.
Ha! Mine is bigger than both of yours together! I will have gnocci and knishes
Oh, you think you have spuds, do you?
This is a spud. It weighs more than I do. It has spudly annexes.
Ah, yeah, that's some tater you have there.
Are you sure that thing is really a potato?
What if it's an alien?
It kind of looks like an alien to me.
Potatos are supposed to be round. Maybe long, but round. That one's got blobs.
It looks like Elvis!
It does?
Well, if you turn the lights down, look sideways and squint.
Do you think alien elvis potatos might taste good?
I don't know.
I'm frightened. You remember the one Harold found...
We can always just eat the other ones first.
Yeah; give it a chance to manifest itself.
In the meantime, let's watch Doctor Who.


The Bug said...

That IS a scary looking potato :)

Titus said...

Where you been guys? So good to see you back.